Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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The Benefits

SPEAR offers:

  • faster turn-around time
  • reduced copying, collating and postage costs
  • increased transparency leading to fewer enquiries on the progress of an application
  • a single interface to all councils for applicants, referral authorities, VCAT and members of the public.

Applicant benefits include:

  • ability to view status of all applications across all councils at anytime
  • ability to compile applications over a period of time
  • elimination of need to physically sign every page of a document due to digital signing
  • immediate email notifications when new documents, changes to documents or decisions are made to the application.

Responsible Authority benefits include:

  • standardised and more complete submissions
  • loading of electronic documents in council’s systems with no scanning
  • immediate signing and delivery of certification and Statement of Compliance
  • same-time electronic signing of all application documents for endorsement.

Referral Authority benefits include:

  • improved access to all application documents
  • reduced calls responding to application status
  • automatic overdue response reminders
  • automatic application update notification.

Lodging Party benefits include:

  • application lodgment forms able to be completed and validated electronically
  • no need to attend Land Use Victoria in person to lodge applications
  • improved access to application documents and details of Land Use Victoria requisitions
  • instant notification of new title allocations upon registration.