Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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What is ePlan?

Land Use Victoria has extended SPEAR to provide an infrastructure for the lodgment and processing of digital subdivision plans (ePlan) in Victoria.

An ePlan is principally a digital data file of surveying and administrative information related to a subdivision survey. It can contain all the information in a cadastral survey and subdivision plan including:

  •  surveying measurements
  •  land parcel description and identifiers
  •  dimensions of the parcels and interests in land such as easements
  •  administrative information on the subdivision
  •  annotations
  •  plan approval status
  •  the surveyors’ details.

ePlan files are a digital substitute for paper and PDF plans and have the added advantage that the information can be digitally extracted, populated into related database and reused for the creation of new subdivision plans.

For further information about each component of ePlan go to the About the ePlan Process section of the website.