Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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Land Use Victoria

Current registration processing times

It is generally suggested that it will take 15 business days between plan lodgement and registration, but that depends on the number of plans already lodged and the complexity of, or errors on, the plan. You can subscribe to an alert service that sends regular updates about a plan's progress at LANDATA®.

*Please note: registration of survey based applications are dependent upon the evidence supplied to the Registrar.

Contact Information

All enquiries to Subdivision or Applications and Survey should be sent by email to the following email addresses:

Subdivisions – for enquiries relating to receiving updates about the progress of a plan of subdivision or dealing, go to and select document tracking, where you can subscribe to a Property Transaction Alert.
For other subdivision related enquiries email: fhoqvivfvba.oenapu@qryjc.ivp.tbi.nh

Applications and Survey Branch - for enquires on adverse possession, easements, roads and general law land matters: ncf.oenapu@qryjc.ivp.tbi.nh

Response to requisitions will be required to be emailed to the appropriate address:
fhoqvivfvba.oenapu@qryjc.ivp.tbi.nh, or ncf.oenapu@qryjc.ivp.tbi.nh