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Accessing SPEAR A2A

SPEAR enables users to interact with the system in two ways:

  • Users who interact with SPEAR through an Internet browser - Application to Person - (“A2P")
  • Users who interact with SPEAR through their existing core systems - Application to Application – (“A2A”)

A2P refers to the direct user interaction with the SPEAR website to complete application tasks and is a free service

A2A is a SPEAR-defined set of web services that may be used by another organisation’s core system to interact with SPEAR. It is intended that interfacing to SPEAR via A2A is a straightforward enhancement to the existing core systems.

The use of SPEAR A2A aims to deliver the following benefits to an organisation:

  • Enables users to interact with SPEAR through their familiar core system.
  • Reduces duplication and improves efficiency.
  • Provides a mechanism to synchronise information between a core system and SPEAR.
  • Provides functional extensions to vendor products.
  • Promotes core system control.

The web services provided are SPEAR-specific. Where a web service exists, it will relate to an equivalent A2P business process, form or interface. These web services can then be used by the user’s core system application to perform the equivalent A2P functionality.

For more information on the process to commence with SPEAR A2A, you can view the "Getting started with SPEAR A2A Development and Testing" Document linked below.

If you are interested in exploring an A2A solution for your organisation please contact the SPEAR Service Desk at