Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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About Lodging Parties

This section provides information on becoming a SPEAR Electronic Lodgment Network subscriber and lodging plan-based dealings at Land Use Victoria.

The SPEAR Electronic Lodgment Network (ELN) enables lodgment of plan-based applications with Land Use Victoria, including dealings under the Subdivision Act 1988, Transfer of Land Act 1958 and Local Government Act 1989. For a full list of dealings that can be lodged electronically in SPEAR, see SPEAR dealing types.

Lodging parties that subscribe to use the SPEAR ELN can complete application lodgment and Owners Corporation forms in SPEAR and attach relevant supporting documents. Information entered on the forms is automatically validated before the application is lodged electronically with Land Use Victoria, including the payment of lodgment fees.

This replaces the need to physically attend Land Use Victoria to lodge paper documents.

For information on becoming a SPEAR ELN subscriber, see How do I get started?

SPEAR Electronic Lodgment Network Video Demo

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If the file doesn't appear or playback correctly you may download and view it locally here.

For more video tutorials covering the Lodging Party role in more detail, please go to the Video Tutorials page.

Paper lodgments

Lodging parties that are not SPEAR ELN subscribers must lodge their applications with Land Use Victoria in paper. For more information, visit Paper lodgments.