Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How SPEAR works

Subdivisions and Plans

SPEAR allows subdivision and other plan based applications to be:

  • submitted to the Responsible Authority
  • managed
  • referred to statutory and non-statutory referral authorities
  • approved
  • lodged electronically to Land Use Victoria and
  • tracked online

SPEAR requires a 'one in, all in' approach to be adopted to maximise the benefits to all industry stakeholders.

SPEAR can be used by all parties involved in the subdivision and planning processes in differing capacities. The SPEAR system generates email notifications to the relevant SPEAR parties to advise them of new actions required to be completed, or when new information is added to the application.

Members of the public and referral authorities are able to object to an application online using SPEAR.

The Application Process

Applicants register to use SPEAR and receive a username and password. They are then able to compile a subdivision and/or planning permit application electronically in SPEAR and submit it to Responsible Authorities (councils) that are using SPEAR.

The Responsible Authority then logs onto SPEAR and retrieves the documents for processing. Responsible Authorities are able to refer the application through SPEAR and referral authorities can view the application and respond to the referrals in SPEAR.

As the application progresses, and if correspondence or additional documentation is required between parties, this is also done in SPEAR. Responsible Authorities can make decisions and issue legal documents through SPEAR such as planning permits, certifications and Statements of Compliance.

Finally, the application can be lodged electronically by the lodging party, and is accessed through SPEAR by Land Use Victoria to issue new titles for the subdivision.