Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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Training Dates

Training will be held online via Microsoft Teams. These sessions are aimed primarily at new users and existing users wishing to refresh their knowledge of SPEAR. Sessions run for approximately 2 hours.

Registration will be made available via SPEAR broadcast messages in the month prior to the sessions. If you are unsure which session to attend please contact the SPEAR Service Desk.

Sessions scheduled for 2024 are as follows:

Wednesday 7 February Lodging Parties
Thursday 8 February Responsible Authorities (councils)
Wednesday 14 February Applicant Contact
Wednesday 14 February Statutory & non-statutory referral authorities
Thursday 9 May Lodging Parties
Wednesday 15 May Responsible Authorities (councils)
Thursday 16 May Applicant Contact
Thursday 16 May Statutory & non-statutory referral authorities
Wednesday 7 August Lodging Parties
Thursday 8 August Responsible Authorities (councils)
Wednesday 14 August Applicant Contact
Wednesday 14 August Statutory & non-statutory referral authorities
Thursday 7 November Lodging Parties
Wednesday 13 November Responsible Authorities (councils)
Thursday 14 November Applicant Contact
Thursday 14 November Statutory & non-statutory referral authorities