Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How do I set up my plan templates?


Technical Note 4

Technical Note 4 provides applicants with six plan templates, template specifications and example plans.


Download Technical Note 4 – Applicant Created Surveying Documents in SPEAR (DOCX 8.6MB)


Plan templates

Plan templates have been prepared for use in SPEAR. They have been formatted to suit common CAD software packages and adhere to the guidelines in Technical Note 4.

Select your preferred file format below to download the templates for your software package. These are provided in .zip files.


Plan Templates - DWG (AutoCAD) (784KB)


Plan Templates - LCD (LISCAD) ( 30KB)


Plan Templates - DGN (MicroStation) (114KB)


Plan Templates - DXF (106KB)


Plan Templates - PRO (Terramodel) (815KB)


Plan Templates - PDF (170KB)


Owners Corporation schedule

Applicant Contacts MUST use the OC spreadsheet for all new plans in accordance with the Registrar’s Requirements.

The owners corporation schedule template is available to download below. See Technical Note 4 above for more information about using the spreadsheet template.


Download owners corporation schedule template (XLSX 25KB)


A macro-enabled spreadsheet is also available to specifically assist Applicant Contacts who create plans with multiple owners corporations.

Maintaining your OC data in the macro spreadsheet ensures you only need to make changes in one place, which should help to reduce errors or omissions. The spreadsheets that are ultimately uploaded to SPEAR are automatically generated from this master spreadsheet and a date/time stamp is added to each.

For any specific help in using this macro spreadsheet please contact the SPEAR service desk.


Download macro-enabled owners corporation schedule template (XLSM 126KB)