Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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My application is approved, now what?


Receiving approval

Once an application has been defined in SPEAR by the applicant and all the supporting documents authenticated and attached, the application is ready to lodge with a Responsible Authority. The Responsible Authority will review it before accepting the application.


The type and nature of the proposal will determine how it progresses through SPEAR.


For a permit application, the approval process will involve referrals, granting of the permit and endorsement of supporting documents.


For a certification application, the approval process involves referrals, certification and a Statement of Compliance.


Lodgment at Land Use Victoria

Lodgment at Land Use Victoria can happen any time after the above approvals, provided the Applicant Contact has attached all required survey documentation and released the application for lodgment.


Electronic lodging parties are automatically notified when the plan is released for lodgment. Paper lodging parties rely on the Applicant Contact to communicate when the documentation is ready for lodgment.


SPEAR allows the Applicant Contact to notify the lodging party via email when the release has occurred. Once the plan is released, the lodging party may proceed to lodge the plan with Land Use Victoria.


Download User Guide 9 - Releasing for lodgment at Land Use Victoria (DOCX 325KB).



Download User Guide 11 - Lodging an application at Land Use Victoria (DOCX 390KB).




Registration at Land Use Victoria

When the application is registered, the status in SPEAR will move to 'Registered at Land Use Victoria'. The title allocation letter, generated by VOTS (Victorian Online Titles System) will automatically be attached as a PDF to the SPEAR application.


Certification applications are viewed as complete by SPEAR once they have been registered with Land Use Victoria.