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How do I create a subdivision or planning permit application?


Creating an application

Subdivision Applicants

A Licensed Surveyor who is an Applicant Contact and is a registered SPEAR user can lodge an application for a planning permit, certification or a joint application for planning permit and certification.


Download User Guide 1 - Creating an application in SPEAR (DOCX 890KB).


For information on how to set up your plan templates specifically for use with SPEAR, including some prepared templates available for download, see How do I set up my plan templates?

All mandatory actions indicated by SPEAR must be completed before the system will allow the application to be submitted to the Responsible Authority.


Attaching documents

Documents for each application are in PDF format.


During the application process, SPEAR will automatically advise you of the mandatory documents that are required to be provided depending on application type.  All mandatory documents must be attached to the application before SPEAR will allow it to be submitted to the relevant Responsible Authority.


Complete each action by clicking on the title of the required document and attaching the relevant document in PDF format.


Download User Guide 1 - Creating an application in SPEAR (DOCX 890KB).


SPEAR also makes it easy to email documents to third parties, or download and save them on a computer or document management system.


You can email documents through SPEAR during any stage through the application process by selecting the 'Email/Download documents' link.


Submitting an application to the Responsible Authority

Once your online SPEAR application to a Responsible Authority is complete, just click on the ‘submit application’ action link.


An email notification will automatically be sent to the Responsible Authority. They will be able to directly access your application through SPEAR.


The Responsible Authority can review the application and either accept or reject it. If rejected, the application reverts back to ‘Draft’ status. This allows the applicant to modify the application and resubmit.


Indication of the progress of your application is given by the SPEAR status. The application should move from ‘Draft’ to ‘Submitted’ and then ‘Lodged with Responsible Authority’ once it is accepted.