Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How do I pay fees?

If the Responsible Authority has online payments through SPEAR, you can submit your application and make a credit card payment.  You can also submit your application and use the ‘guest’ facility to invite and instruct a ‘guest’, possibly the owner or applicant, to login and make an online payment.

If the Responsible Authority does not accept online payments, you should contact the Responsible Authority for options. The usual other method is via cheque posted to the Responsible Authority. This should include a cover letter identifying that the cheque is for a planning application, the property and SPEAR reference number.

SPEAR plans can be lodged at Land Use Victoria at any time after the plan has been certified by the Responsible Authority with the Statement of Compliance and Released for Lodgment by the Applicant Contact.

Land Use Victoria lodgment fees, expressed in number of fee units, increase on 1 July each year.

To view the current fees schedule, visit the DELWP Forms, Guides and Fees page