Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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What is my application status?


Who is assessing my application?

SPEAR applications are accessible online by all interested parties who are involved in the decision making process of an application. At a minimum, this may include the Applicant Contact, Responsible Authority, referral authorities and Land Use Victoria.


As an application progresses, each of these user groups will have a role in reviewing and/or contributing to the application.


Registered users can view an application from the Details Screen and view what actions (if any) are outstanding for a particular user group/organisation. This may indicate that the application is being reviewed by that organisation and have not yet made a decision in relation to the proposal. If in doubt, the organisation should be contacted directly to discuss any issues.


Registered users involved in the application can use the Contacts Tab to access a list of relevant contacts for that application.



Applicant Contacts can track the progress of referrals. The SPEAR application status changes to 'Referred', and the referral authorities that were referred to, appear in the Details Tab of the application under the 'Referral Authority' section. For every outstanding referral authority response not supplied in SPEAR, a 'Not supplied' notation will appear on the right-hand side of that referral authority's section. In addition, the outstanding components of the referral will be listed underneath each referral authority name (Section 55, Certification or SOC). This also includes internal referrals in an organisaton.


Checking your application status

Each application in SPEAR can be easily tracked by its status. As decisions are made in the SPEAR and milestones passed, SPEAR applications achieve a more advanced status. The status of an application can be seen from notification emails sent from SPEAR, the public search function on the SPEAR homepage or by accessing the application in SPEAR (as a registered user).


The SPEAR status offers a quick way of assessing an application and understanding its progress in the approval process.


A typical progression of statuses for a joint application could be:


The Applicant Contact is preparing the application. The application is not visible to other organisations. Either it has not yet been submitted to the Responsible Authority, or the Responsible Authority has previously rejected it.


The Applicant Contact has submitted the application to the Responsible Authority, but the Responsible Authority has not yet accepted or rejected the application.

Lodged with Responsible Authority

The Responsible Authority has accepted the application. The Responsible Authority may also have assigned a Responsible Authority reference number to the application and determined what advertising, if any should occur.


The Responsible Authority has referred the application to one or more Referral Authorities, and is now waiting for the responses.

Permit Decision Pending

There are no outstanding RA responses required under the Planning and Environment Act, and the Responsible Authority is considering the Permit Decision.

Permit Decision

The Responsible Authority has made the permit decision. This may be one of ‘Granted’, ‘Refused’ or a ‘Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit’. Planning permit only applications that are not under VCAT appeal are deemed to be complete 60 days after permit decision date.

Certification Decision Pending

There are no outstanding Subdivision Act referral responses, and the Responsible Authority is considering the certification decision.

Certification Decision

The certification decision or re-certification decision has been made and Statement of Compliance (SOC) has not been issued. If the certification decision includes SOC (Forms 6 or 22), then this state will be skipped over.

SOC Decision Pending

All Referral Authorities referred to under the Subdivision Act have consented to SOC.

Statement of Compliance

SOC has been consented to by all relevant Referral Authorities and issued by the Responsible Authority.

Released for Lodgment at Land Use Victoria

The Applicant Contact has released the application from their control and into the control of the legal representative of the owner. The application is ready to be lodged at Land Use Victoria.

Lodged at Land Use Victoria

The owner's representative has lodged the application with Land Use Victoria for the issue of new titles.

Stopped at Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria has halted processing of the application pending satisfaction of amendments/requisitions required to the application.

Registered at Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria has finalised processing of the application and issued new titles to the owner of the land. This is a terminal state for the application.

Rejected at Land Use Victoria

Land Use Victoria has rejected the application. This is a terminal state for the application.


The application has been withdrawn by the applicant after being lodged at the Responsible Authority. This is a terminal state for the application.


The application has been lapsed by the Responsible Authority due to the applicant being unresponsive to requests for additional information. This is a terminal state for the application.


Advertising an application

Responsible Authorities are prompted to consider advertising requirements for SPEAR planning permits applications once they have accepted the application. The Responsible Authority will determine if the Applicant Contact is to have a role in the advertising requirements or not. SPEAR enables advertised planning applications to be viewed online by the public. This gives a more convenient option for the public to view an application and it can reduce the number of inquiries to a Responsible Authority.


Download User Guide 4 - Advertising an Application (DOCX 134KB).