Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How do I refer an application to referral authorities?


Refer application to the relevant authorities

SPEAR provides a comprehensive list of referral authorities to Responsible Authorities. From this list, Responsible Authorities select which referral authorities they want to send a referral under Section 55 of the Planning and& Environment Act 1987 and/or Section 8 of the Subdivision Act 1988. SPEAR will notify each selected referral authority of the referral.


After a referral request is made and a response provided, both the Responsible Authority and the Applicant Contact is notified through SPEAR. This allows the Applicant Contact to promptly address issues arising from the referral process.


Referral authorities that have not responded to a referral request after 20 days will be sent a reminder through SPEAR.


If a response is not received within 28 days, Responsible Authorities can override a referral response to progress the application


Download User Guide 3 - Referrals (DOCX 251KB).


Referral types

SPEAR provides the Responsible Authority with the ability to refer an application under Section 55, Planning and Environment Act 1987, and Section 8, Subdivision Act 1988.


Alternatively the Responsible Authority may also choose to send an 'Information Only' notification which has no statutory response requirements. Once the Responsible Authority has made their referral selections, and it has been authenticated, emails are automatically sent to the authority informing them of the referral request.