Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How do I receive and process an application?


Accepting/rejecting an application

Accepting a new application means that the application is complete enough for it to be processed by the Responsible Authority. Acceptance should occur at the same time that the Responsible Authority registers the application at council.


If the application is missing vital information or has been supplied to the wrong Responsible Authority, it can be rejected. Even if the application is accepted, the Responsible Authority has the option of requesting further information at any time during the SPEAR process.


Download User Guide 2 - Receiving a New Application (DOCX 121KB).


Requesting further information from applicant

During the application process Responsible Authorities or referral authorities may require further information from an Applicant Contact to make their decision on planning permits or certification. This information can be requested through SPEAR by Responsible Authorities with a time frame for response set.


The applicant is then prompted to respond and the Responsible Authority is in turn prompted to assess the information they receive in response.


Applications may be lapsed by the Responsible Authority if the request for further information is not responded to within the set timeframe.


The Responsible Authority is unable to issue a planning permit decision until any current request for further information is completed.


Download User Guide 5 - Request for Further Information (RFI) (DOCX 202KB).


Assess proposed changes to the application

The Responsible Authority will be notified when an Applicant Contact submits proposed amendments to a current application that require assessment. A mandatory action 'Assess proposed changes to application' will be created. The Responsible Authority has the option of accepting or rejecting the changes and can determine if additional fees are payable.


Documents amended by the Applicant Contact will have a prefix of 'proposed' until accepted by the Responsible Authority. Proposed documents are only visible to the Applicant Contact and the Responsible Authority.


Download User Guide 16 - Amending a Planning Application (DOCX 109KB).


Street Address Allocations

Street Address Allocations must be provided by the Responsible Authority in SPEAR before a plan can be certified.


The Responsible Authority enters the addresses directly into SPEAR. An M1 will be automatically generated by SPEAR and submitted to Notification and Editing Service on behalf of the Responsible Authority.


Download User Guide 45 – Street Addressing (DOCX 167KB) for further information.