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How do I advertise an application?


Determine advertising requirements

SPEAR presents a mandatory action ‘Determine advertising requirements’ for all applications that have a planning permit component after they have been accepted by council. The council user must determine whether any advertising is required, and if it is, how that advertising is to be performed.


Download User Guide 4 - Advertising an Application (DOCX 134KB).


Who does what?

If the Responsible Authority (usually council) determines that a planning application requires advertising, the Responsible Authority performs the mandatory action ‘Determine advertising requirements’ and makes the appropriate selections.


The Responsible Authority generally needs to make a decision as to whether council prepares the advertising material and undertakes all required actions, whether the Applicant Contact undertakes all the required actions, or whether the advertising responsibilities are shared. For example, council may post the letters while the Applicant Contact erects and maintains the sign on-site.


SPEAR allows council to make these choices and communicate the requirements to the Applicant Contact. The Responsible Authority also specifies the need for an advertising declaration to be returned if required.


Receiving the advertising declaration

If the Responsible Authority (usually council) has indicated that an advertising declaration is required from the Applicant Contact, SPEAR will place a mandatory action on the Applicant Contact to upload that declaration document to SPEAR.


The Responsible Authority will be unable to issue the permit decision until the declaration document has been loaded into SPEAR by the Applicant Contact.


It is important to remember that the Applicant Contact will only be prompted by SPEAR to supply a declaration document if the Responsible Authority makes the appropriate selection when determining advertising requirements.


The Responsible Authority will be notified by SPEAR when the Applicant Contact uploads a declaration document.