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Victorian ePlan Implementation

Land Use Victoria introduced digital plans of subdivision (ePlan) in Victoria in September 2011. Several new components were developed and existing systems were re-engineered through the project implementation.

ePlan implementation consisted of analysing the specific requirements of Land Use Victoria for digital land subdivision plans, implementing required software changes and engagement with key stakeholders.

The key milestones of Victorian ePlan implementation are as follows:

  • 2011 - Consultation and pilot program of ePlan functionalities with stakeholders. SPEAR was extended to provide the following functionalities:
    • validation to check completeness and correctness of ePlans
    • visualisation service to generate PDF from ePlan
    • enable ePlan lodgment (as a supporting document in SPEAR)
    • cadastral data search for automatic population of information into a new survey
  • 2013 - SPEAR released full functionalities to validate, visualise and submit ePlan as the plan of subdivision.

  • 2017 - SPEAR provided surveyors with an ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool to enhance the presentation of the visualised Plan PDF from the ePlan file through functions such as editing labels and arrows, creating enlargement diagrams, defining sheets and exaggerating linework.

  • 2018 - An ePlan database was designed and developed to store registered ePlan files. The database aims to improve the management, maintenance, integration, discovery and retrieval of ePlan data.

  • 2018 - Land Use Victoria commenced an ePlan Pilot program with twenty-two participating surveying firms to:
    • develop new skills and knowledge in producing ePlans
    • trial the ePlan services for visualising, validating and enhancing the presentation of an ePlan, and the CAD software package that supports the creation of ePlan.
Further development is being considered for:
  • supporting survey-based plans under the Transfer of Land Act (TLA) and Local Government Act (LGA), Crown plans and 3D building subdivision plans
  • developing a service to compare different versions of ePlan to facilitate the council re-certification process
  • developing an interactive and digital plan examination platform for Land Use Victoria plan examiners.