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About the ePlan Process

This section provides information on specific aspects of ePlan including a process overview and components of the ePlan infrastructure. The process overview outlines how ePlan is being introduced to the current subdivision process, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each component.

Process overview

In accordance with the existing subdivision process, the ePlan based subdivision system has been visualised as a ‘virtual loop’ in which cadastral data can be generated and reused. When ePlan is fully developed, it is envisaged surveyors will be able to:

  • download digital cadastral information
  • undertake survey for the new subdivision and prepare the ePlan file
  • validate and visualise the ePlan file
  • submit the new subdivision for examination and registration in digital format.

At the end of the loop, the digital cadastral database and other Land Use Victoria databases will be updated using new digital information from the subdivision. The following image provides an overview of the ePlan process.


Survey data search and download using LASSI-SPEAR

LASSI-SPEAR is a free web mapping application that enables survey information to be searched and downloaded from the one location. It incorporates web map search interface based on LASSI with all the survey documents available from LANDATA®. It also provides a feature to download pre-populated registered ePlans with data from Vicmap and SMES including administrative areas (e.g. LGA, Parish, Township), location addresses, road abuttals, PMs/PCMs, monuments, etc.
The application is available free of charge from the following URL:


Download User Guide 53 - Using LASSI-SPEAR (DOCX 1.1MB).



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ePlan Preparation

Currently, three software applications support ePlan creation in Victoria including LISCAD (LISTECH), Stringer ePlan (Civil Survey Solutions) and GeoCivil/ePSALON (Geocomp Consulting/ePlan Services). These software applications allow the surveyor to add required attributes (e.g. parcel, easement and restriction details, Crown description etc.) to their drawing.


The digital file downloaded from LASSI-SPEAR in the previous step can be imported into surveying software to pre-populate administrative information from Vicmap and SMES.


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ePlan validation

The ePlan validation service is a pre-lodgment electronic examination facility for surveyors to pre-examine the structure of an ePlan file and its data. It is based on the execution of predefined rules. These rules check aspects of the data file to ensure the completeness of data and to establish that the data is consistent internally, and against external datasets and other plans.

Validation rules cover two main areas:

  1. Survey Accuracy
    • adjustment discrepancies eg. area, misclosure
    • internal consistency eg. multipart parcels
    • external consistency eg. mark names in SMES, addresses in Vicmap Address.
  2. Survey Examination Rules
    • appropriate title connections
    • connection of reference marks
    • fixing of easement
    • mandatory fields eg. road / reserve vesting authorities

The ePlan validation application is accessed in three ways:

  1. Embedded in SPEAR
  2. Available from the public web page
  3. Able to be accessed by third-party software

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ePlan visualisation

The ePlan visualisation service generates a visualised Plan PDF from the data contained in the ePlan file. The generated PDF is then used for the council application certification and Land Use Victoria registration processes. The PDF is used as the legal visual representation of the plan. This service can also generate a PDF of the plan with survey information.


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ePlan visualisation enhancement

The surveyor can enhance the visualised presentation of the Plan PDF by using the ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool available in both the SPEAR application environment and ePlan Services public page. This tool provides surveyors with the following functionality:

  • moving, copying and hiding labels
  • moving and hiding arrows
  • defining new sheets
  • creating enlargement diagrams within existing and new sheets
  • exaggerating parcel linework and features

For more information, please refer to User Guide 57 - ePlan Visualisation Enhancement Tool.


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ePlan application creation in SPEAR

Surveyors can upload an ePlan in SPEAR at the start of the application creation process.

The following data is pre-populated from the ePlan:

  • Applicant reference number
  • Last plan reference
  • Subdivision Act section/dealing type
  • Plan number / stage number
  • Number of parcels



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Digital plan examination

Land Use Victoria has commenced investigating the requirements for designing and developing a digital plan examination platform. This platform will provide plan examiners with automated examination checks of the ePlan file. Aspects of the current manual examination processes can potentially be automated by the validation service. Completion of the digital examination and registration of the plan will trigger the updating of land administrative databases. The prerequisite for developing this platform is a spatially accurate digital cadastre for Victoria.


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Registration and Update

After the ePlan file is registered, spatial and administrative datasets will be updated with data from the ePlan file including:

  • registration of the plan to the title register
  • insertion of ePlan data into the ePlan database
  • update of spatial data to the digital cadastre
  • update of various other spatial and administrative datasets.


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