Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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ePlan Video Tutorials

The demonstrative videos below have been created to assist with common ePlan tasks. They provide an easy to follow step by step procedural guide to complete these processes, with additional information on why these steps are required (where appropriate).

Please check back over time to see new videos, or email us to provide feedback, or to suggest topics not currently covered.

Name Video

ePlan Dashboard Introduction

An Introduction to the ePlan Dashboard

ePlan Portal Tour

A tour of the functions and tools available within the ePlan Services section.

ePlan Editor

A basic overview on how to navigate the ePlan Editor.

Integration with SPEAR

A walkthrough on integrating an ePlan to a live SPEAR application.

Visualisation Enhancement Tool (VET) - Single Page Plan

A basic overview of the functions available to modify .pdf plan presentation through the VET tool.

Visualisation Enhancement Tool (VET) - Multi Page Plan

An overview of advanced VET functions available to modify complex and multi page .pdf plan presentation through the VET tool.

Plans of Consolidation - ePlan Webinar

An online webinar from 30/4/2024 detailing how to create plans of consolidation with ePlan.

Vicmap Survey - Training Webinar

A training webinar from 8/7/2024 detailing how to use the new Vicmap Survey tools available in the ePlan portal to analyse digital cadastral survey data.