Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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How do I lodge a plan?


Client authorisation

The lodging party must complete the Client Authorisation form in accordance with the identity requirements in the SPEAR ELN Participation Rules.


Download Client Authorisation form (PDF 128KB)


Getting access to a SPEAR application

The lodging party can request access and nomination to an application in SPEAR. The Applicant Contact will provide the lodging party access to the SPEAR application. This can occur any time after the application is submitted with the Responsible Authority (council).


Download User Guide 9 - Releasing for lodgement at Land Use Victoria (PDF 338KB).


Completing application lodgment forms

Once the plan has been certified by the Responsible Authority, the lodging party can complete the application lodgment form and any applicable Owners Corporation forms in SPEAR. These must be digitally signed prior to lodgment at Land Use Victoria.


Supporting documents, such as consents and statutory declarations can also be provided during this step.


Download User Guide 11 - Lodging an application at Land Use Victoria (PDF 333KB).


Submitting an application to Land Use Victoria

Once the Responsible Authority has issued the Statement of Compliance and the Applicant Contact has released the application for lodgment at Land Use Victoria, the lodging party can submit the application for checking by Land Use Victoria's plan acceptance officers.


If the application is fit to be lodged, SPEAR will advise the applicable lodgment fee and allow the lodging party to pay and lodge at Land Use Victoria.