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Submit for pre-lodgement check

Once all mandatory documents have been added and authenticated, the application can be submitted for pre-lodgement check at Land Use Victoria.

NOTE: If Certificates of Title are required to be lodged with the application, they must be nominated before proceeding.


You will need to complete the following to submit an application for pre-lodgement check at Land Use Victoria:

  1. Depending on the plan's Subdivision Act dealing type, enter the number of parcels or select the plan purposes:
    • For applications that attract a flat lodgement fee, no action is required. Continue to step 2.
    • For section 32 applications, select whether the plan is creating one or more parcels. If so, enter the number of parcels, otherwise select one or more plan purposes from the list displayed.
    • For all other applications that create parcels, enter the number of parcels being created by the plan.
      NOTE: 'Parcels' includes lots, reserves, roads and common property, but does not include easements. If the plan creates part lots, ensure each lot number is counted once only - E.g. Lot 1 (PT).
  2. If you intend to lodge any leader or follower dealings with this application, list them in the field provided. If there are no related dealings being lodged with this application, leave this field blank.
  3. Click the 'submit application' button to be returned to the Details screen.

Land Use Victoria will perform a pre-lodgement check to ensure the application is fit to be lodged. You will be notified to pay and lodge the application once it has passed the pre-lodgement check. If your application is refused lodgement, you will be able to fix any errors and re-submit.

Cancel submission to Land Use Victoria

The Lodging Party may cancel a submission to Land Use Victoria, provided the application has not yet been lodged.


You will need to complete the following to cancel a submission to Land Use Victoria:

  1. Select the action 'Cancel Submission to Land Use Victoria' from the 'other actions' drop-down list and click on the 'go' button.
  2. Click the 'continue' button to proceed with the cancellation.

Once cancelled, the application is no longer submitted to Land Use Victoria and can be amended and re-submitted for pre-lodgement check.

NOTE: A submission to Land Use Victoria cannot be cancelled once lodgement has occurred. In this case, the lodging party can formally withdraw the application from Land Use Victoria. Contact Land Use Victoria for advice.

If you require further information, see User Guide 11 - Lodging an application at Land Use Victoria.