Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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Paper lodgments

Lodging a SPEAR plan

Lodging parties that are not registered to lodge electronically in SPEAR rely on the Applicant Contact to advise when the documentation has been released for lodgment.

To make communication easier, SPEAR allows the Applicant Contact to notify the lodging party via email when the release has occurred. Once the plan is released, the lodging party may proceed to lodge an application with Land Use Victoria.

All plans, survey documents and council approvals will be extracted directly from SPEAR by Land Use Victoria staff at the time of lodgment. As such, there is no requirement for paper plans or survey documents to be supplied by the lodging party.

In line with Land Use Victoria's 100% digital lodgment strategy, it will be mandatory to lodge all plans through the SPEAR system in the future.

More information

For information on how to lodge a SPEAR plan with Land Use Victoria, please see Property and Land Titles.