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Developer Resources

The Victorian jurisdictional schemas and sample plans for ePlan software development purposes are provided below. The sample plans are for demonstrative purposes only and are not registered ePlans.

For more information about the schemas, please read the ePlan Protocol page.

Latest Schema Files

Victorian ePlan Schema 1.10 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-cif-protocol-1.10.xsd
Based Enumerated Types 1.10 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-cif-enumerated-types-1.10.xsd
Extended Enumerated Types 1.10 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-cif-enumerated-types-ext-1.10-r1.xsd
Approvals Schema 1.0 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-document-1.0.xsd
Approvals Schema Enums 1.0 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-document-enumerations-1.0.xsd
Administrative Areas 2.0 xml-gov-au-vic-icsm-eplan-cif-administrative-area-2.0.xml

Sample ePlans

Plan of Consolidation example PC367574 (XML 22 KB)
Owners Corporation and Crown abuttal example PS616582 (XML 28 KB)
Natural boundary (creek) and multipart parcels example PS619178 (XML 133 KB)