Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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About the ePlan Protocol

ePlan files are XML files. The underlying schema used is LandXML, an internationally recognised XML schema available from The ePlan Protocol uses a cut down version of LandXML specifically for Australia and New Zealand known as the ePlan Protocol Schema.

The ICSM diagram below shows how the various Protocol components relate to each other. Boxes on the right represent XML schema files. The middle and left boxes represent specification documents that accompany the schema files.

Each jurisdiction provides a specialised version of the ePlan Protocol Schema specific to their jurisdictional requirements. Victoria's specialised ePlan schema and accompanying documentation are equivalent to the Jurisdictional Domain section in the above diagram.

Victoria has a jurisdictional enumerations schema to go with the Victorian ePlan Protocol schema and is split into two files for version management:

The base enumerations schema is linked to the Victorian ePlan Protocol schema via an import, so both are versioned and distributed together. Base enumerations are core reference values used by many elements in the schema. The extended enumerations schema contains all the values in the base schema with additional non-core values used by other elements. It is intended for use by software vendors to populate value selection lists in software packages. Versioning of the extended enumerations schema is separate to the base schema and generally more frequent.