Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals

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Subdivisions and Planning

Subdivisions and Plans

SPEAR allows subdivision and other plan based applications to be:

  • submitted to the Responsible Authority
  • managed
  • referred to statutory and non-statutory referral authorities
  • approved
  • lodged electronically to Land Use Victoria and
  • tracked online

The following applications can be processed through SPEAR by a Licensed Surveyor:

  • All applications under the Subdivision Act 1988
  • Transfer of Land Act 1958
    • Applications with a survey component – Sections 15, 26, 60, 98, 99 and 103
    • Creation of Easement - Section 45
    • Recording of Easement - Section 72
    • Acquisition of Easement or Right - Section 88(2)
  • Local Government Act 1989
    • Transfer of Closed Road - Section 207D
    • Road Exchange - Section 207E
    • Road alignments (Paragraph 7(3) of Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1989)
  • Surveyor-General Victoria applications
    • Plan of Crown Allotment
    • Notice of Re-establishment

SPEAR is linked to VicMap, which confirms property details for applicants.

Subdivisions Planning Permits

SPEAR also allows subdivision planning permits under the Planning & Environment Act 1987 to be processed online. This includes:

  • lodgment with the Responsible Authority
  • requests for further information
  • referrals to statutory and non-statutory referral authorities
  • advertising
  • objections
  • permit decisions

Licensed Surveyors and planning organisations can process subdivision planning permits through SPEAR.