Table of Contents

Summary Tab

The Summary Screen, accessed via the Summary tab, provides an overview of an application. This is the screen that a member of the public will be directed to when using the public search function.

Application Overview

Applicant Contact

Displays the name of the Applicant Contact e.g. the contact at the consultancy submitting the application.


Displays the Property Address(es) related to the application.

Responsible Authority

Displays the name of the Responsible Authority administering and assessing the application.

Application Type

Displays the type of application.

Proposal Type

Displays the description of what you want to do with the land.


Displays the date the application was submitted to the Responsible Authority.

If the application has not been submitted yet then "Not yet submitted" is displayed.

Intended Use

Displays a short description of the purpose of the application.

This field is not displayed if the user is a Public Objector or a Public (unregistered) user.


Displays a list of associated documents which would be visible to the public if it was advertised.


Displays the organisations involved in the application and whether they have actions outstanding.

Milestones list

Displays key stages in the application process and the dates they were achieved.

To view more details of the application, select the Details Tab (see Details Tab).

To view actions for a particular organisation, select the organisation link under the Actions heading.

If you require further information, see User Guide 43 - Key SPEAR Screens

Note: In most circumstances, the local council is the Responsible Authority. However in some circumstances the Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority. For further information, visit the Ministerial Permits webpage.