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Notes tab

The Notes tab, provides a method of communication between users at an organisation. Click on the Notes tab within a SPEAR application to add and view file notes relevant to that application, which have been added by other users within the organisation. There is also an option to allow users to notify other SPEAR users within the organisation via email when a new note has been added.

NOTE: Responsible Authorities with internal referral authorities can view each other's file notes.

The 'Notes' column in the Application List and the Notes tab within the application display an indicator (blue or red tick) against applications that have a file note entry. When an unread file note has been added to an application, a red tick will appear. A blue tick is displayed for all file notes that have been viewed by the user.

To add a file note to a SPEAR application:

  1. Type the file note in the 'Add note' field.
  2. If required, Click the 'Optional – Select one or more users to notify' drop -down box and select one or more users.
  3. Click 'add'.

NOTE: Users with 'View Only' access cannot add file notes. A minimum authentication of 'Standard' is required.

To delete a file note from a SPEAR application:

  1. Click 'delete'.

Note: Only the user who created the file note can delete it.