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Submission to Advertising Notice

Referral Authorities that have received notification from a Responsible Authority of an Advertising Notice will be provided with an optional action "Add Submission to Advertising Notice". Referral Authorities can use this action to provide comment to the Responsible Authority about the application.

You can add a submission by attaching a reply as a PDF file or you may enter text directly using the free text field provided on the screen.

Note: Initially, a Section 52 Notice will be sent. If the application is amended then the notification will come as a Section 57B Notice.


You will need to complete the following steps to provide a submission to an advertising notice sent to you by the Responsible Authority:

  1. Select "Add Submission to Advertising Notice" from the "Other Actions" drop down list, and click on 'go'.
  2. Browse for, and attach the appropriate PDF file, or type your response directly into the field provided.
  3. Click "add now" and a confirmation screen will display if the document was added successfully.
    NOTE: if you have suppressed the "Attach Document" confirmation via settings, you will be returned directly to the Details Screen.
  4. Click 'Return' to go back to the Details Screen.
  5. To complete this process, the "Additional Information Request" must then be authenticated using your SPEAR password.

A notification email will be sent to the Responsible Authority regarding your submission.

If you require further information, see User Guide 4 - Advertising an Application