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Add Referral Response

The key objective of the referral process is to provide authorities, whose interest may be affected by the granting of a permit and/or certification / Statement of Compliance; with the opportunity to ensure that the proposed application does not adversely affect that authority's responsibilities or assets.

SPEAR provides the ability for:


The relevant legislation (section) will be displayed on the referral screen for referrals and re-referrals of applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and/or the Subdivision Act 1988.

Note: Referral section numbers may change depending on the state of the application.

An application may also be referred 'For Comment' allowing a statutory referral authority to provide a comment in relation to an application. Non-statutory referrals are only 'For Comment' or 'information only'.


To respond to a referral request, you need to complete the following:

  1. Select the mandatory action 'Add RA response'
  2. Select the component of the referral you wish to respond to (you may select one or more)
  3. Using the radio buttons, indicate the nature of the response, then click 'Next'
  4. Note: If you are selecting that the referral is not required or that you are not consenting to SOC at this time, you may leave comments on this page to explain your decision, otherwise this comments section may be left blank. If all radio button selections indicate that the referral is not required or consent to SOC is not being provided at this time, click 'Next' to skip to the final step in this list

  5. The Attach Document page is displayed
  6. Attach the appropriate PDF document or type your response directly into the text field provided
  7. A confirmation message is displayed.
  8. To complete the process, the response must be authenticated using your SPEAR password.

If you require further information, see User Guide 14 - Responding to a Referral Request.

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