Table of Contents

Manage Fee Types

Responsible Authority Local Administrators can define, edit and delete custom fee types to correctly record different types of fees paid by Applicant Contacts or guests to the Responsible Authority.

The Applicant Contact will be able to select from these different fee types when they make payments to the Responsible Authority via SPEAR. These different fee types can be identified in the bank statements by the three-digit code associated with them, or through the SPEAR Reports - Online Payments report.

NOTE: There are a number of default fee types that cannot be edited or removed by the Local Administrator.

A surcharge percentage may also be set from this screen if the Responsible Authority wishes to pass on the cost of debit card / credit card transactions to the Applicant Contact / guest.

All actions below are completed on the Manage Fee Types page accessible by Local Administrators in the 'Administrator' role.

To add a new fee type, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the Add Fee Type link at the bottom left of the page; a new row will be added.
  2. Enter a 'Fee Type Name'. This will be displayed to the user when they are selecting what type of fee to pay. This will also be used to identify the payments in the Online Payments SPEAR report.
  3. Enter a 'Fee Type Code'. This will be used to identify the payment type in your bank statement.
  4. Click 'save & exit'.

To edit/delete a fee type, complete the following steps:

  1. Edit the existing fee type and/or fee code you wish to change, or click the delete link to remove the respective row.
    NOTE: The default fee types cannot be edited or deleted.
  2. Click 'save & exit'.

To modify the surcharge applied to SPEAR payments, complete the following steps:

  1. Edit the 'Surcharge' text field to have the percentage surcharge you wish to have applied.
  2. Click 'save & exit'.