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Manage Permit Categories - Council Local Administrators only

Local Administrators have the ability to modify the list of permit categories that council is prepared to accept via SPEAR. The option to "Manage Permit Categories" is available from the Administration Menu. The Administration Menu is available when you click on the drop down list and select "Administrator". This will change your SPEAR role to Local Administrator role.

The "Manage Permit Categories" screen displays a list of permit categories available in SPEAR, together with the following information:


You will need to complete the following to modify the permit categories processed by council:

  1. Select the option "Manage Permit Categories" from the Administration Menu.
  2. Where a checkbox is enabled and checked, you may uncheck it. This will prevent an applicant from creating these types of applications for your council.
  3. Where the checkbox is enabled and not checked, you may check it. This will allow an applicant to create these types of applications for your council.
  4. Where a check is disabled, you may not change it. The SPEAR Administrator has determined that this permit category is no longer available to process online. The text "Disabled by SPEAR Admin" will be displayed.
  5. Once changes have been completed, click on 'save'.
  6. A message will be displayed on the Administration Menu screen, "No new applications will be accepted to SPEAR for the Permit Category/s you have just unchecked the 'Online' checkbox for. Current applications for this Permit Category can still be progressed through SPEAR." If you enable a checkbox you will be returned directly to the Administration Menu.

To end the role as Administrator click on the drop down list and select the option applicable to return you to your Current User Role.

For further information, please contact the SPEAR Service Desk on 03 9194 0612 or email fcrne.vasb@qryjc.ivp.tbi.nh.

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