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Edit Organisation/Site

Local Administrators can amend the general details of their organisation, including address details and SPEAR notification email address on this screen.

Responsible Authority (council) Local Administrators can also update or change the referral authorities that will be displayed when performing referral requests.


To amend details of an organisation complete the following:

  1. Select from the Site List the organisation and/or site you wish to edit.
  2. If you wish to maintain the organisation's contact details, click the 'edit' button next to the Site List.
  3. Update the contact details as required. The 'Address type preference' allows you to choose which of your organisation's addresses will appear throughout SPEAR.
  4. The email addresses shown on this screen are the email addresses that receive notification emails from the SPEAR system related to applications for your organisation. SPEAR recommends the email addresses provided be a generic address that can be accessed by multiple staff members rather than that of an individual, to ensure that notifications are received when key staff members are on leave.
  5. The Authorised Officers are 'Signing' SPEAR users with Authorised Officer digital certificates from DigiCert.
  6. The VicMap maintainer receives an emailed copy of any new versions of plans of subdivision in SPEAR to enable faster and more efficient updating of the Victorian cadastre.
  7. Responsible Authority Local Administrators can update the list of referral authorities their users can refer applications to in SPEAR as follows:
    • Select the required referral authority or internal referral authority from the drop-down list. If a required referral authority does not appear in the drop-down list, contact the SPEAR Service Desk on (03) 9194 0612.
    • Click 'Add more RA entries' or 'Add more Internal RA entries' if your list is full and extra entry fields will be made available.
    • Selecting the mandatory tick box next to a referral authority name will ensure that when a Responsible Authority user is performing a referral request, the selection will default to the maximum referral (Sec 55 and/ or 8 depending on the application type). Referral authorities not listed as mandatory will default to 'Don't refer'.
    • Selecting the 'Statutory' tick box next to an internal referral authority will allow those internal departments to provide a statutory response to a referral request, rather than only a comment.
  8. Responsible Authority Local Administrators can create optional standard conditions to be used in conjunction with the 'manage conditions' optional action. This allows the Responsible Authority to generate a template of conditions that are frequently used
  9. When all the required updates have been made, click 'update'.
  10. You must authenticate the change(s) with your SPEAR password.

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