Table of Contents

Creating a new Site

Some organisations, especially Referral Authorities, have particular sites that deal with applications from different areas across the state. To accommodate this requirement, SPEAR provides the opportunity for an organisation to create sites.


You will need to follow the steps below to create a site:

  1. Click on the 'create site' button on the 'Create/Manage Organisations, Sites and Users' screen.
  2. Enter the site name and Organisation Short Name into the 'Organisation Names' area.
  3. Enter the address and contact details of the site into the 'General Contact Details' area.
  4. The email address fields for subdivisions and planning permit should be the email address that receives notification emails from the SPEAR system. SPEAR recommends that this address be a generic address that can be accessed by multiple staff members rather than that of an individual to ensure that notifications are received when key staff members are on leave.
  5. Authorised Officers are 'Signing' SPEAR users with Authorised Officer digital certificates from DigiCert. If your site or organisation does not have 'Signing' users, leave these fields blank.
  6. Administrators can set maximum time out periods (up to 60 minutes) and password rotations (up to 180 days) for users of their organisation to ensure that SPEAR settings are in line with the organisation's security policy.
  7. You may add organisation logos where they differ from the logos of the primary site (Head Office)
  8. When all the required details have been entered, click the 'create' button.
  9. A confirmation screen will be displayed, and you will need to enter your SPEAR password to complete the changes.

Note: All fields marked with a * are mandatory fields.