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Certify Plan of Crown Allotment

The Surveyor General or a delegated signing officer can certify the Plan of Crown Allotment once it has been recommended for certification. A Digital Signing Crtificate must be used to certify the Plan of Crown Allotment.


You will need to complete the following to certify a Plan of Crown Allotment:

  1. Click on the mandatory action "Certify Plan of Crown Allotment" from the Details Screen.
  2. The Plan of Crown Allotment and/or Title Plan can be viewed prior to assessment by clicking on the hyperlinks provided.
  3. If plan changes are required, select 'reject' to return the application to the examiner. A rejection reason can be entered into the text box. Otherwise, select 'accept' to proceed with certification of the Plan of Crown Allotment.
  4. Click the ‘sign’ button and follow the digital signing process in order to certify the Plan of Crown Allotment.

Once certified, the Applicant Contact will be notified by email and the plans will be sent to the relevant parties within Land Use Victoria for processing.