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Add or Modify OP/TP/Crown Allotment Numbers

Surveyor General Victoria must add or modify, as required, the OP Number, TP Number and Crown Allotment Number(s) for a Plan of Crown Allotment application.


  1. Select ‘Modify OP/TP/Crown Allotment Number(s)’ from the ‘other actions’ drop down list on the Details screen and click on the ‘go’ button.
  2. Add or modify the OP Number, TP Number and Crown Allotment Number as required. Click the add hyperlink if additional Crown Allotment Numbers are required. Additional Crown Allotment Numbers can be removed by clicking the delete hyperlink.
  3. Click the ‘ok’ button to return to the Details screen.
  4. To complete the action, the ‘OP/TP/Crown Allotment Number(s)’ document must be click authenticated from the Details screen.