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Refuse Certification (Form 16)

The Responsible Authority can refuse certification (Form 16) as an optional action or by completing the mandatory action 'Make Decision – Certif of Subdiv'.


You will need to complete the following steps to refuse certification:

  1. Select 'Make Decision - Certif of Subdiv' mandatory action.
  2. Select 'Refusal (Form 16)' and click 'next'.
  3. Select the section of the Subdivision Act used to refuse the certification.
  4. Provide the grounds for refusal and click 'next'.
  5. The Sign Document(s) screen is displayed, confirming the information supplied in the previous screen. To complete the action, the refusal must be authenticated (signed) using a digital certificate.

If you require further information, see User Guide 8 - Certifying a Plan and Issuing Statement of Compliance.