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Modify application document details

A Responsible Authority can modify certain items forming part of the SPEAR application, including the Primary Parcel and Permit Reference Number, if applicable.


You will need to complete the following to modify the application document details:

  1. Select the optional action ‘Modify Application Document Details’ from the ‘Other Actions’ drop down list and click on the ‘go’ button.
  2. On the Modify Application Document Details screen, edit the Permit Reference Number if required (certification applications with a non-SPEAR planning permit only).
  3. Select the Primary Parcel. The selected parcel will be displayed throughout SPEAR for this application.
  4. Tick or untick the VicSmart checkbox to change the VicSmart status of the application (applications with a planning permit component only).
  5. Click the ‘save’ button to return to the Details screen.