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Manage Objections

A Responsible Authority has the option to add to SPEAR details of objections where the objections have been served upon the Authority outside of SPEAR. This enables the information to be collated on the Decision to Enquiry form required by VCAT after a Notice of Decision to Grant has been made.

Hard copies of objections can be scanned and converted to PDF files and directly attached. Alternatively there is free text field where information can be entered.


You will need to complete the following to enter an objection on behalf of an objector:

  1. Change your user role to "3rd Party Objector / Responsible Authority".
  2. Complete the name and address fields with the appropriate information. Note: Phone, fax and email fields are not mandatory.
  3. Browse for, and attach the appropriate PDF version of the objection, or enter the details of the objection into the text field provided.
  4. Select either "save & add another" or "save & close".
  5. If "save & add another" is selected, the current entry is saved and a new blank entry screen will be displayed. Otherwise you will be returned to the Details Screen.

You will be required to authenticate each of the objections you have supplied.

NOTE: To return to your role as a Responsible Authority, simply select Responsible Authority from the "Current User Role" drop down list in the SPEAR banner. You must be either in a Details screen or at the Application list to have "Current User Role" drop down list.

If you require further information, see User Guide 28 - Objection Management.

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