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Make Decision - Statement of Compliance

Where a Statement of Compliance (SOC) is being issued separately (for a previously certified plan) the following steps need to be completed:


  1. Select the mandatory action ‘Add Decision - Statement of Compliance’ on the Details screen.
  2. SPEAR automatically enables the correct SOC form to be selected, based on the application dealing type. Click ‘next’.
  3. Depending on the SOC type, you may or may not be required to key in some additional information on the next screen. If the property is situated within an Urban Growth Zone (UGZ), you will need to indicate whether or not the property may be subject to a Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC). When you have finished click the ‘Submit’ button.
  4. The 'Statement of Compliance - Confirmation' is displayed, click ‘return’ to go back to the Details screen.
  5. To complete the action, the SOC decision must be authenticated (signed) using a digital certificate.

Before authenticating your decision, you have the option to delete the SOC decision. From the drop down list select the option ‘Delete’ and click on ‘go’. Follow the prompts to delete the decision. The mandatory action ‘Make Decision - Statement of Compliance’ will be available again.

If you require further information, see User Guide 8 - Certifying a Plan and Issuing Statement of Compliance.