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Make Decision - Re-Certification

In order for a Re-Certification to occur, the Applicant Contact must first submit to the Responsible Authority an "Application to council to amend a certified plan" (Form 8) together with a new version of the Plan of Subdivision.

A notification is sent to the Responsible Authority indicating a Form 8 and a "Proposed Plan of Subdivision for Re-Certification" has been submitted by the Applicant Contact. SPEAR creates a mandatory action - "Assess application to amend certified plan" for the Responsible Authority.


You will need to complete the following for re-certification of a plan:

  1. Select the mandatory action "Assess application to amend Certified Plan".
  2. Select to either 'accept' or 'reject' the application, then click 'next'.
  3. The Assess application to council to amend certified plan - Confirmation screen is displayed, click 'Return' to go back to the Details Screen.
  4. Authentication is required to complete the action.
  5. Once authenticated, a "Re-check" action will be outstanding against the referral request and/ or advertising instructions.
  6. Follow through on any outstanding re-check actions.
  7. When this process has been finalised, the mandatory action: "Make Council Decision - Certif of Subdiv" will be displayed again in the council action area.
  8. Follow the certification screens through to re-certify the plan.
    Note: SPEAR automatically updates all the certification options to reflect the re-certification.
  9. Remember to complete the re-certification decision by authenticating (signing) the document.

If you require further information, see User Guide 8 - Certifying a Plan and Issuing Statement of Compliance.