Table of Contents

Make Decision - Certification


To certify the plan, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Select 'Make Decision - Certif of Subdiv' mandatory action.
  2. Select one of the certification options and click 'next':
    • 'Certification'
    • 'Certification and Statement of Compliance'
    • 'Refuse certification'
  3. Depending on your selection, the next screen will give you the certification and/or Statement of Compliance options.

    NOTE: You will need to confirm/update the planning permit reference number if the original planning permit has been identified as 'Lapsed', 'Not Required', 'Refused', 'Withdrawn', 'Cancelled' or 'Expired'.

  4. Use the tick boxes and radio buttons to define the certification and/or Statement of Compliance. At this point you are required to make a selection regarding Public Open Space. Click 'next'.
  5. The Council Certification and Endorsement - Decision Confirmation screen is displayed, click 'Return'.
  6. The 'Certification by Council' document is displayed on screen. Click 'cancel' to go back to the Details screen.
  7. To complete the action, the certification decision (including refusal) must be authenticated (signed) using a digital certificate.

Before authenticating your decision, you have the option to delete the decision made for certification. From the drop-down list select the option 'Delete' and click on the 'go' button. Follow the prompts to delete the decision. The mandatory action 'Make Decision - Certif of Subdiv' will be displayed again on the Details screen.

Restoring a refused Certification application to make a new decision (e.g. by VCAT order)

If a new Certification decision needs to be made and the application has moved to the completed list in SPEAR, this can be achieved by restoring the application.

Select 'Restore Refused Application' from the 'Other actions...' drop-down menu. You will be prompted to provide a reason and either attach a PDF or enter a reason directly into SPEAR.

After authenticating, the application status will change to 'Certification Decision Pending' and all actions normally available at that status will appear.

If you require further information, see User Guide 8 - Certifying a Plan and Issuing Statement of Compliance.