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Make Decision - Amended Planning Permit

Once a Responsible Authority has accepted an application to Amend Planning Permit, the applicant has added any required supporting documentation and the Responsible Authority has rechecked their advertising and referral requirements, a mandatory action to make an "Amended Planning Permit Decision" will be displayed.

If SPEAR does not display the mandatory action - "Make Decision - Amended Planning Permit", check the following actions are complete:

  1. All rechecks on referral requests and advertising instructions have been completed.
  2. All of the Referral Authority Responses to Section 55 have been added and authenticated in SPEAR.
  3. The applicant has added and authenticated any documents required as part of accepting the "Application to Amend Planning Permit".

When granting an amended planning permit, you are required to enter the planning permit number you are assigning to the permit.

You are not given the option to endorse any plans when granting an "Amended Planning Permit" unless new versions of plans/documents have been added by the Applicant Contact.

If required, you can make a decision to issue a "Notice of Decision to grant an Amended Planning Permit". You can later grant the amended permit after a Notice of Decision has been issued, by selecting the action "Make Decision - Amended Planning Permit" from the "Other Actions" drop down list.

Once an "Amended Planning Permit" decision has been made and authenticated, SPEAR will send notification to the applicant, Referral Authorities and any objectors (if an online objection has been lodged).

How to make an amended planning permit decision

You will need to complete the following actions:

  1. Select one of three options - Grant, Notice of Decision or Refuse.
  2. If you select to grant the permit or to issue a Notice of Decision, type the Amended Planning Permit number into the field provided.
  3. Click 'next>'.
  4. Browse for and attach the appropriate PDF file, then click the 'add now' button.
  5. To complete the process, the "Make Decision - Amended Planning Permit" must be authenticated.

If you require further information, see User Guide 7 - Application to Amend a Planning Permit.

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