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Expire a Permit Application

A Responsible Authority can choose to expire a permit application where the applicant has been requested to provide updated or additional documents for endorsement and the permit has subsequently expired. Expiring these applications will move them to the completed list in SPEAR.

Completing the 'Expire Permit Application' action sends notification emails to other affected SPEAR users to advise them that the permit in the SPEAR application has been expired.

The documents and decisions previously added to an expired application are still available in SPEAR and are not deleted.

NOTE: The Responsible Authority can reinstate an expired planning permit application by selecting 'Restore Completed Application' from the 'Other Actions' menu.


You need to complete the following steps to expire a permit application:

  1. 1. Select 'Expire Permit Application' from the 'Other Actions' drop-down list and click 'go'.
    NOTE: This action will only be available where further documents for endorsement requested and the permit has expired.
  2. You must attach or enter a reason for the decision to expire.
  3. Click 'add now' to confirm (or alternatively click 'cancel').
  4. A confirmation screen will be displayed. Click 'Return' to go back to the Details screen.
  5. To complete this process, the decision must be authenticated using your SPEAR password.

If you require further information, see User Guide 6 – Managing Permits in SPEAR.