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Determine Referral Requirements

The Responsible Authority is required to make a referral decision for all planning permit, certification or joint applications submitted in SPEAR. This is initially displayed as a mandatory action once the application is at a status of 'Lodged with Responsible Authority'.

The Responsible Authority must determine the referral requirements for their statutory referrals, however may also include (non-statutory) internal departments in their referral request.

The mandatory action to 're-check referrals' will invoke the same process, following a plan or application change. The Responsible Authority has the option to opt out of re-referring an application if it is not appropriate to do so, leaving the initial referral request unchanged.


  1. Select the mandatory action 'Perform Referral Request'.
  2. On the Determine Referral Requirements screen, identify the referral requirement for each referral authority listed by clicking the appropriate radio button against the relevant legislation.
  3. To add council comments for a specific authority (mandatory for statutory referrals with a planning component, optional otherwise), click the Add Comments hyperlink.
  4. If it is a statutory referral with a planning component, you will need to indicate if the referral authority is a determining or a recommending authority (this is a mandatory requirement under Section 55 or 57C of the Planning and Environment Act) in addition to leaving a comment. Once the referral requirements have been selected and council comments added, click 'submit'.
  5. A summary is displayed showing the referral request
  6. Click on the 'return' button to return to the Details screen

Referral requirements can be modified up until authentication using the 'modify' option alongside the referral request.

Once authenticated, notifications are sent to each referral authority and to the applicant contact advising them that the application has been referred. If you require further information, see User Guide 3 - Referrals.