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Completing Hosted applications

Some Responsible Authorities host applications on behalf of applicants in SPEAR. Typically, a hosted application is processed in SPEAR as far as "Certification Decision Pending" or "Permit Decision". The final certification decision and Statement of Compliance will be issued on paper, and returned to the Applicant Contact for lodgement at Land Use Victoria.

To finalise a hosted application and move it to the completed list of applications, the Responsible Authority needs to undertake the action "Complete Hosted Application".


You will need to complete the following to complete a hosted application:

  1. Select the optional action "Complete Hosted Application" from the "Other Actions" drop down list, and click on the 'go' button.
  2. On the "Complete Hosted Application" screen, click on 'ok'.
  3. A confirmation message is displayed. Click on 'return' to go back to the Details Screen.

If you require further information, see User Guide 18 - Responsible Authority Hosted Applications in SPEAR.