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Assess Response to Request for Further Information

This mandatory action is triggered by the applicant submitting a response in SPEAR to a Request for Further Information. The requester is given the opportunity to assess whether the response supplied by the applicant satisfies all of the requirements set out in the request.

A negative response (i.e. that the request has not been satisfied) will return the mandatory action to the applicant to 'Add Response to Request for Further Information' and the cycle of assessment will begin again.

How to assess a response to a Request for Further Information

You will need to complete the following actions:

  1. Click on the appropriate radio button to select either 'Request for Further Information has been satisfied'*, 'Create another Request for Further Information', or 'Lapse planning permit application'**
  2. Select 'Next'.
  3. If you selected 'Further information required' you will be required to browse for, and attach the appropriate PDF file, or type your response directly into the field provided.
  4. Select 'Add Now' and a confirmation screen will display if the document was added successfully. NOTE: if you have suppressed the 'Attach Document' confirmation via settings, you will be returned directly to the Details screen.
  5. To complete this process, the 'Assess Response to Request for Further Information' must be authenticated using your SPEAR password.

* If you select 'Request for Further Information has been satisfied' you will not be prompted to add documentation or authenticate the decision.

** The option to 'Lapse planning permit application' will only be displayed if the due date has expired.

If you require further information, see User Guide 5 - Request for Further Information.