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Assess Request for an Extension of Time (RFI)- By Responsible Authority

This mandatory action is triggered by the Applicant Contact submitting a Request for Extension of Time to provide a response to a request for further information in SPEAR. The Responsible Authority must assess whether to grant the extension of time.

The Responsible Authority has three options when assessing the request:

  1. accept (with no changes)
  2. accept with changes, or
  3. reject.

There is an option for the dates to be changed when accepting the request.

Rejecting the request will leave the timeframe as previously set.

The mandatory action will remain whatever the outcome, only the response date may change.

How to assess a request for extension of time (RFI)

You will need to complete the following actions:

  1. Click on the appropriate radio button to select either:
    • ' accepts the request for an extension of time'
    • ' accepts the request for an extension of time'
    • The number of days permitted will be <> or further information to be submitted by <> **
    • ' rejects the request for an extension of time'.
  2. Select 'Next'
  3. You will be required to browse for and attach a PDF file or type details of your response directly into the field provided.
  4. Select "Add Now".
  5. You will return to the Details Screen.

NOTE: This action does not require authentication.

** You will need to enter the number of days OR use the calendar provided to pick a date when the response is due. The system will calculate the due date or number of days depending on which field you complete.

If you require further information, see User Guide 5 - Request for Further Information..