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Advertising Instructions

The Responsible Authority is required to determine whether or not the application requires advertising. If the application does require advertising, the Responsible Authority will need to specify the advertising instructions, and nominate which application documents will be available online to the public.


You will need to complete the following to determine the advertising requirements of a planning permit application:

  1. On the 'Determine Advertising Requirements' screen, select one of the three options displayed - 'Application does not require advertising', 'Add advertising requirement in SPEAR' or 'Advertising outside of SPEAR'. If advertising is not required, continue to step 6 below.
  2. The advertising complete date will be displayed as 14 days from the current date, however, you may click on the calendar icon to change the date if required.
  3. Select the party responsible for advertising the application. If the applicant is responsible for any advertising, you will be prompted to attach advertising instructions on the following screen.
  4. Indicate whether a signed declaration is required.
  5. Select the documents to be displayed to the public during the advertising period, or choose "No documents are to be displayed."
  6. Click on 'next'.
  7. If advertising instructions are required, browse for and attach the appropriate PDF file, or type your response directly into the field provided.
  8. Click 'add now'.
  9. To complete the process, the Advertising Instructions must be authenticated from the Details Tab.

A notification email will be sent to the Applicant Contact regarding the advertising requirements.

If you require further information, see User Guide 4 - Advertising an application and User Guide 13 - What can the public do in SPEAR?.