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ePlan Validation Report

The ePlan Validation Report provides a number of pre-examination checks on the uploaded ePlan to ensure the ePlan is meeting lodgement requirements, well-formed and consistent with departmental records.

Using the Validation Report
There are a number of headings and sections on the screen and these can include the following:

Validation report headings:

Validation rule result summary:
The validation rule result summary is displayed to the right of report headings, and may contain the following result types:

Validation rule results table:
There are a number of columns in the validation rule results and these can include the following:

View Mode
The view mode provides a read-only and sortable display of the validation rules report. This mode is accessible by clicking the ePlan Validation Report link in Details Tab and then clicking the Open Current ePlan Validation Report link.

Modification Mode
The modification mode provides an editable version of the validation rules report. The validation rule results table is not sortable in modification mode. This mode is accessible by selecting the "Modify" option next to ePlan Validation Report document from the Details Tab.

Note: You should have consulted with appropriate Land Use Victoria personnel before ticking the 'valid exemption' check box.

To view technical details
To view the technical details for each rule, click on the Show Technical Detail link and the details will be expanded below each rule message (click again to hide the view).
Note: Technical details are only recommended for support use, the messages require a good understanding of LandXML.

To print/download the validation report

If you require further information, see User Guide 52 - Creating ePlan Applications.