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Responding to a Request for Further Information

This is a mandatory action prompted by a Responsible Authority or referral authority when they require an applicant to provide further information in support of their application. Where the request is being made by the Responsible Authority, SPEAR will prompt them to 'Assess Response to Request for Further Information' once it has been supplied by the Applicant Contact.


  1. Click on the mandatory action 'Respond to Request for Further Information'.
  2. Browse for and attach the appropriate PDF format file or type your response directly into the field provided
  3. Select 'Add Now' and a confirmation screen will display if the document was added successfully.
    NOTE: If you have suppressed the 'Attach Document' confirmation via settings, you will be returned directly to the Details screen.
  4. Click on 'return' to go back to the Details screen.

Note: If your response includes the supply of new documents, or updates to existing documents, 'add' or 'modify' these documents in addition to adding the 'Response to Request for Further Information' document.

If you require further information, see User Guide 5 - Request for Further Information.