Table of Contents

Release for lodgement at Land Use Victoria

Releasing for lodgement allows the Applicant Contact to release the application and all supporting documentation to Land Use Victoria for lodging.

SPEAR-enabled Lodging Parties will be notified automatically and gain access to the application for the purposes of electronic lodgement.

Paper lodging parties can receive a courtesy email advising them that the plan is ready for lodgement. Some of the email options available from this screen include:


  1. Select the checkbox next to the relevant document to release it for lodgement at Land Use Victoria. For electronic lodgements, skip to step 6.
  2. To send an email to the lodging party advising that lodgement may proceed select the checkbox 'I wish to send an email to the lodging party...'
  3. Enter the lodging party's email address in the field provided. This will be prepopulated if the lodging party was previously added as a Guest.
  4. Add your own text to the email (information or instructions) in the 'Optional text to be included in email' field.
  5. Select any additional documents you would like to attach to the email.
  6. Click on the 'Continue' button to proceed with the release.
  7. Authenticate the 'Release for Lodgement' document on the Details screen.

An Applicant Contact can also 'Cancel a Release for Lodgement.' This allows a released application to be recalled for the purpose of completing a re-certification or updating supporting documentation.


  1. Select the optional action 'Cancel a Release for Lodgement at Land Use Victoria.'
  2. Click the 'Continue' button to proceed with the cancellation.